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I got asked by local tri trainer, who is doing a study on exercise (they won’t give me the details until after it is over), to be part of an experiment.  I will travel to SUNY Cortland a few times and undergo some tests on a stationary bike.  The tests involve a VO2 max test (which I don’t really understand, but MUST do, because every real athlete talks about it and has one) and some other “maximum effort” tests.   He says you must be willing to go all out, and endure pain and discomfort, or the test won’t work.  I’m in!!!

I already went for the VO2 max test, which involves getting a mask strapped to my face, like a fighter pilot, and then riding the bike while the resistance gets cranked up each minute until I simply can’t pedal anymore.  But, if I stop too early (if I quit mentally before physically) then the test won’t work.  I’m in!!!

So, I’m in this laboratory, with machines, computers, guys with clipboards and heart rate monitors and a large TV screen with my performance data on it, for all to see (including me.  Can you imagine?  Like a mirror in the bedroom, except I’m not proud of my biking abilities).   I’m still in!  But I start to wonder – why?

Strangest near bike crash?  I think so.  Got a stranger one?  I was riding yesterday, and from my left, across the road, comes this hawk, trying to fly away with a squirrel carcass.  But it can’t gain enough altitude, and so it is heading toward the space right in front of me as I’m riding.  I assume it really did not want to give up breakfast, so it keeps coming.  And since I’m in aero and can’t believe this is happening, I keep riding.  We are on a collision course, and get so close I am sure we are going to hit.  So sure, I put my left arm up to block it!  It drops the squirrel at the last second and the bloody mess plops down about 1 foot away as the hawk passes by about 6 inches over my head!!  Wow.

But not because I raced an Olympic on Sunday, or because I did a particularly long run previously.  No, this was a recovery from the EPIC Oreo (and more) binge that I’ve been on since the Cazenovia race, which turns out is my last race of the year!  When the Oreos were gone (which was late Monday after the Sunday race) I turned to anything I could get my hands on, which included some old Peeps that I found stashed in the pantry.  Sorry kids.  The gallon of Friendly’s black raspberry ice cream gave me a run for my money, so I’d like to thank Hershey’s for making those AWESOME semi-sweet choc chips that really came through and helped me push through at the end.  

Tired from training?  Sometimes.  Need a break from months of exercise?  It happens.  Plowing through everything in the house that may have ever come close to sugar?  No break needed.  I could keep this up for ever.  But I won’t.  Time to knock it off.  Only 48 weeks to IMLP!!!

This blog will keep track of what is sure to be a hilarious journey to IMLP 2013.  It was supposed to start exactly one year from the race, but I could not quite figure out how all this blog stuff works.  So here we are, LESS than a year away (when does THAT sound close?) to IMLP, and the training has started.  I hope you will follow along and laugh with me as I push my old and battered body to the extreme so that, come IMLP, I can successfully push my old and battered body to the extreme . . . wait, this already is sounding like less of a great idea than it did at midnight as the last finishers were crossing the line.

Enough typing – more swim/bike/running!